A liberal & inclusive church, seeking God through beauty in our worship, honesty in our faith & doubt, & service in our community
Christ Church was founded at the end of the 18th century in the fashionable, prosperous city of Bath, a city very attractive to the wealthy visitors who took the waters and engaged in a variety of pleasurable activities. The city’s churches prospered by charging pew rents, which meant, however, that the poorer people could not afford to attend church. To remedy this, a group of socially inclined men opened a voluntary subscription fund to build a new church in which the ground floor should provide seating free of charge for any who wished to attend services, while the gallery seats would be let at a price sufficient to pay clergy and other staff. Early supporters included the Archbishop of Canterbury, the great evangelical and campaigner against slavery William Wilberforce, and Martin Stafford Smith, godfather of John Keble, a founder of the Oxford Movement. The physical structure and appearance of the fine Georgian building remain today, but not the social engineering!

When it was completed in 1798, Christ Church was a typical late 18th century “preaching house”, with a gallery, a central pulpit and a small free-standing altar. About 70 years later, after the influence of the Oxford Movement and in a typical act of Victorian exuberance, the house next to the east end of the church was bought and demolished to make way for a large apse, in a much more Catholic style. This eclectic mix of Catholic and Reformed remains in the make-up of the congregation to this day. Christ Church today is defined as a proprietary chapel, sometimes known with slight amusement as a “Peculiar in Ordinary”, owned by a charitable Trust. It lies geographically within the Parish of St Swithin’s, Walcot, but has no organisational link to that church beyond St Swithin’s having a representative on the Trustees.

The historical oddity of Christ Church having no geographical area of responsibility is becoming less strange as people commonly travel well outside of their parishes, particularly in cities, to attend churches which they feel meet their spiritual needs. In recent times Christ Church has sought to play a full role in the life of the Deanery and Diocese, donating a sum to the Diocesan Common Fund equivalent to a parish share and taking up places on Deanery Synod. We have strong links with our neighbours at St Stephen’s, Lansdown, and St Mary’s, Charlcombe, through the formation of a Local Ministry Group.
You can read more in Christ Church Bath - A Brief History and Guide, published at Easter 2013.

Upcoming Services

Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 30 Apr at 10:00am
Eucharist followed by coffee
Thu 4 May at 11:00am
Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 7 May at 10:00am
Eucharist followed by coffee
Thu 11 May at 11:00am
Holy Communion (BCP)
Sun 14 May at 8:00am
Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 14 May at 10:00am
Eucharist followed by coffee
Thu 18 May at 11:00am
Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 21 May at 10:00am
Choral Evensong
Sun 21 May at 4:30pm
Eucharist followed by coffee
Thu 25 May at 11:00am
Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 28 May at 10:00am
Eucharist followed by coffee
Thu 1 Jun at 11:00am
Sung Eucharist with Junior Church
Sun 4 Jun at 10:00am

Latest Events

Christ Church Helping at Genesis Sunday Centre
Sun 30 Apr 11:00am-3:15pm
Traidcraft Stall
Sun 30 Apr 11:15am-11:45am
Annual General Meeting
Sun 30 Apr 11:30am-12:30pm
Pilgrim Group - Spirituality Course
Thu 4 May 7:30pm-9:30pm
The Cedar Tree Community Cafe
Fri 5 May 11:00am-1:30pm